Monday, 12 September 2016

Landscape with Dilettanti

Boat Dilettanti
Fishermen/Angler dilettanti
Drug dealing cocaine snorters
Who fornicate in the pub garden
Working Men’s Club dilettanti
And Handymen ultra dilettanti
“none of us are experts”
three tiles are missing in your roof
won’t cost you a thing
postmen dilettanti
Wet mail all curled up in a corner dilettanti
Costco Thai curry pub food dilettanti
à la carte Lebanese night dilettanti
taking Christmas reservations now
Costa spiv dilettanti
sidewalk café dilettanti
volunteer firemen dilettanti
tutti quelli che
et tutti quanti

( Engendered by the use of the word dilettanti in the egregious British film “The Governess” where the lord of the manor character named Cavendish – an amateur naturalist in a remote pile on the Isle of Skye – dabbles in camera obscura pre-photography – until finally the Sephardic Jewess faux Christian governess-jus-primae-noctis-lay discovers the magic potion for fixing the image – salt water.  He expresses the fear he would appear to be a dilettanti.)

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