Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Classic S&M

S&M is more spiritual than sexual deviance.

What does it really matter if Hitler shot himself or swallowed cyanide?  Why should there be a controversy about it and why should his orderlies claim he shot himself, giving different points of penetration, right temple, left, mouth?  Mohnke, who was questioned by the Russians about it said he took cyanide and the orderly was supposed to come into the room to administer the coup de grâce.  Mohnke (still alive in a village around Hamburg) was also in charge of the summary executions of the traitors, like the womanizer Fegelein who was supposed to have been Eva Braun’s secret lover.  He had no trial because he couldn’t stand up and was “shot like a dog”, they said he didn’t want to be lumped in with the “suicide maniacs in the bunker”.  One wonders why Mohnke was allowed to live, or the others in the bunker like the secretaries, maids and cooks – why did they not all have to join in the dying?  Only Goebbels and his pack of children?  Hitler had them come in and condole with him the day before he died finally.  In the end they were not able to burn the bodies properly.  Why marry at the end – is this a German custom, like Koenig marrying his Gspusi (he met her at the spa) just before the end, but he wasn’t taking her with him and she had some hope of being awarded his pension?  Hitler’s arm hung down limp at his side, as if paralyzed, his hair was white and he walked with a stoop – he said the words “National Socialism is dead. We lost the game.  It is time to die.”  Mosley said something to the effect of the first part – but concluded it is time to become European or win Europe etc.  Hitler was moved by the death of Mussolini, he poisoned himself a day later, Mussolini was strung up with his mistress Claretta by the feet, he looked distorted they say, she strangely at peace.  Did Hitler know about this?


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