Friday, 22 January 2010

Some Thoughts on Art Wars

An Exercise in Negative Thinking

A Collection of Theorems for aspiring Futurists to be proved, disproved, ignored or indefinitely prolonged

1.   Topicality is the enemy of art.

2.   Advertisement is the enemy of art.

3.   Education is the enemy of art.

4.   Political movements are the enemy of art.

5.   Art is heresy.

6.   “I think both art and life are a matter of life and death.” — Walter de Maria

7.   “Eventually, over a period of time, the provincial always wins.” — Jeff Koons

8.   The enemy of art is in the eye of the beholder.

9.   The audience is not another artist.

10. Those who choose art are not chosen.

11.  The artist is the audience of the audience.

12.  When the artist looks deep into the heart of the audience he sees himself.

13.  The enemies of art worship Golden Technology.

14.  Golden Technology is the Demon of obsolescence.

15.  The only radical is time.

16.  An actor can never be an artist. 16a An artist can never be crude enough.

17.  When an artist is not himself he can be an actor.

18.  The art world is a teratological system.

19.  All artists are vampires.

20.  An artist can never be accurate enough.

21.  An artist is a door to door salesman who never leaves the house.

22.  Money is not the enemy of art.

23.  Artists use money like other accidents.

24.  Money and art are ancient and ephemeral.

25.  Money and art are abstractions.

26.  The art world is made up mostly of non-artists.

27.  Art does not need an aesthetic.

28.  Aesthetics needs art but afterwards it throws it away.

29.  Aesthetics is the leftover of art.

30.  When art is thrown away it comes back to life.

31.   This is not a manifesto.


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  1. an interesting path you ended up assuming. AO (google me)